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About Us

How did The Zona Co. start?

In retrospect, The Zona Co. was founded a long time ago, I just didn't quite realize it yet. Ever since I was a little girl, I was always in the lab trying to make my own "potions" for my family and myself. I would mix and create my own shampoos, soaps, perfumes and would absolutely have a blast inventing my own little creations. As it turned out... I would be doing the exact same thing, just 20 years later with spunky-named, clean-ingredient candles! 
The Zona Co. came into fruition one evening when I started to fall into my ever-so-common candle shopping rabbit hole. I felt this random urge to look behind the curtain into what I was really getting. I decided to do some reading to find out what the actual ingredients were in the candles I was buying. The little girl scientist in me was begging to know! 
To my surprise, I did not like what I read. I never knew how unhealthy some candles could actually be, and the effects they could have on my family, pets, home, and myself. That's when a little light bulb went off and all of the pieces started to fall together. I spent countless hours, weeks, and months researching and testing, knowing I was on a mission to create something everyone would feel safe and excited to have in their homes. Flash forward and here we are: clean-ingredient, spunky candles, just for you!

What makes our candles different?

The Zona Co. candles are made of 100% all-natural soy wax, are non-toxic, infused with essential oils, and are Vegan. To take it a step further, our products are also free of lead, zinc, and phthalates. No harm, no foul here!  So, rest assured, you will only get clean products when you order from us.
While health comes first, we strongly believe happiness is right alongside it! The unique and spunky candle names we have will put a smile on your face and remind you to stop and smell the...candles! Our candles serve as a sense of comedic relief and a little spark of joy to add to your every day life. 

Who am I?

I am Tina Peterson, a Georgia girl with an Arizona heart. I've always had a passion for creating and artistry, which started from a very young age and continued to grow as I got older. I have a love for writing fiction, singing and songwriting, poetry, photography, and (you guessed it) making candles! 
I am the founder and creator of The Zona Co.. I LOVE absolutely everything I do for "Zona" as I like to nickname it. I am driven by my passion to create! Fun facts you may not have known: I come up with all the candle names, decide on the scents, make the candles in small batches, design the labels and marketing material, manage and create all social media content, design and manage the website, and conduct our product photoshoots! I truly enjoy the little things in life and just want to inspire others to love them as well. I want to encourage everyone to follow the dreams that make them feel alive. Life is just too short not to!

So, follow that passion and don't stop chasing your dream!

And remember this as you go:



Story Behind the Mantra

I came up with this mantra while day dreaming about my future and envisioning my true goals in life. Shortly after, I came up with the idea for The Zona Co.. Since then, this mantra has really been the foundation of everything I create. It's amazing the things that can happen in your life when you just focus on this simple concept: breathe. envision. manifest.