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All-Natural Candles with Spunk

Health. Happiness. Giggles.

Your Newest Health Addiction and Home Addition!

While we stand by how delicious these candles smell, we also feel they have the tendency to send you on a cozy retreat with every light. So be warned, you might just fall in love! Plus, they make an excellent accent to your home and even better gifts for loved ones, thank you's for clients, and party favors!

Clean, Clean, Clean!

Breathe. Envision. Manifest.

Story Behind the Mantra

"I came up with this mantra while day dreaming about my future and envisioning my true goals in life. Shortly after, I came up with the idea for The Zona Co. Since then, this mantra has really been the foundation of everything I create. It's amazing the things that can happen in your life when you just focus on this simple concept:

 breathe. envision. manifest  "

Tina Peterson, Founder and Creator

@thezonaco on Instagram

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